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“Best Daddy”

Face Academy of Music presents:

Best Daddy Video featuring many of our students, families, and community!


Hey FAM Family!

Many of you may remember that we sent out an invitation to our school community to submit to a very special project dedicated to all the wonderful dads out there.  Several of our students from our choirs and camps submitted video clips for the final product.  It is truly heartwarming to see all of the clips and memories devoted to the dads in our community represented in this very special project.

Cody’s kids sing in it as well as some of YOU, our students of the Face Academy of Music. (A special thank you to Markus Hollekim  for being the lead child vocal on the track!)   It’s one of the most special things we’ve ever been a part of.  Love doing this music thing.  Love doing it even more with our families and with you, our community and extended FAMily!

Released just in time for Father’s Day, please click on the link to see the final video!  And if you would like to purchase the song and the book (Yes! The Best Daddy book!) for Father’s Day, there are links on the web page for that as well.  Fun Tip:  Especially nice for new dads!

AND NOW (drum roll) …. we are so proud to share the final product with you now!  Introducing, the Best Daddy video! 

Purchase the book on Amazon

Purchase the e-Book and download the Song

Also available at (Click the links below):

Thank you for participating in our project with Face Academy of Music!