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Carnegie Roster and Reception The Program, the Performance, the Reception, the Experience!

Thank you so much for completing this form to help the DCINY planners get everything ready for us.  Please complete this form as quickly, and as CAREFULLY as possible as this info will not only be used for publications, but also to set up the event itself and is time sensitive.  
They are asking for the height of each performer so they can arrange individual onstage positions. » Please enter heights in INCHES. For example, if someone is 5 feet, 8 inches, you will enter 68 in the ""Height in inches"" column. » Heights must be WHOLE NUMBERS and entered without commas (,) or decimals (.). "
Please inform us of anyone in your party with special needs, such as using a wheelchair, crutches, food allergies etc. If anyone needs to be seated for the performance, please indicate this here as well.
You will be issued a wrist band for the reception to indicate you are 21 years of age or older.
Participants who share their email addresses with DCINY will receive information regarding their performance, such as photos, reviews, etc. DCINY assures they will not share this email address with any outside party.