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Rock Choir Colorado!

Open for Face Vocal Band at

the Rialto and Stargazers shows!!


Thank you for joining us in representing Rock Choir Colorado as we are the opening act for Face Vocal Band!  This form is REQUIRED of every participant, and TICKET PURCHASE FOR ENTRY to the venue is also required. After filling out this form, you’ll see a link for purchasing your tickets, so please feel free to bring family and friends!  Thank you! 

Questions? Email admin@faceacademyofmusic.com.

NOTE:  This page is best viewed on a computer if possible

NOTE: Ticket to the venue is required to participate.
We would be DELIGHTED if we could have people from all of our Rock Choirs represented! If you plan on coming, encourage any friends in Rock Choir to join you if they aren't already! 🙂

NOTE: Due to the extremely limited timeframe, this event DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR REFUNDS AT ANY TIME. Please consider all possible conflicts prior to registering.