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Cody Quall s & the Brand New ancients (5)

You can be part of an ongoing performance group with 

Cody Qualls and the Brand New Ancients! 

Have you ever been on stage…

…as part of a show and once it was all over, thought to yourself, “That was so much fun, I can’t believe it’s over!  I want to do that again”?  Well, now you can!  

Cody Qualls brought his band, The Brand New Ancients, together in November 2021 for the release of his new holiday EP.  We had such a great time, we are making this an ongoing performance opportunity!  

Enroll for this new performance op to be part of this new group that is on track to be performing throughout the year with Cody Qualls and The Brand New Ancients!  

Check out where we are going to start!


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Soiled Dove Underground: 

7401 E 1st Ave, 

Denver, CO 80230

Show Date:   Friday, February 18, 2022 

Doors Open: 7:00pm

Show Time:   8:00pm (expected)


Terms for Venue Entry for Participants of this show:  
Venue entry is included for standing room only.  If you would like to watch the show as part of the audience from a seat, please purchase a ticket above to help the venue with ticket sales.  

NOTEPerformers are not permitted to occupy seats without purchasing a ticket.  

A Note About Venue Entry in 2022:  Venue entry for participants in these post-Covid times is likely not included in the pricing.  In most cases, when the venue entry is not included, each participant will be required to purchase their own ticket to the venue, especially if you will be taking a seat in the venue and preventing them from selling the seat.  At times when the venue requires a ticket purchase, we negotiate whenever possible to get discounted or early ticket purchases for our participants.  

soiled dove stage2

How YOU can join!

Ages: 16 years of age and older


  • Soiled Dove: $29 non-refundable 

Price includes: 

  • Rehearsal materials
  • Two fun, focused rehearsal led by Cody Qualls as the director.
  • First rehearsal will be February 5th  11am-1:00pm
  • Second rehearsal on Saturday, February 12, 2022 1:00-3:00pm 
  • Attending at least one rehearsal  is mandatory
  • One amazing performance in an awesome venue with  the opportunity to connect with other singers to perform on one of Colorado’s exceptional stages!
  • All information pertaining to participation will be provided as details are made available to us.

NOTEMust be registered to participate

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Togheter Choir at Cody Qualls and BNA show

No pressure and no auditions!!  

Just an upbeat spirit and a desire to join the fun of performing with this new musical venture!

This unique program is designed for the busy choir person: to maximize performance opportunities while reducing the time commitment for rehearsals that are usually offered for our other choir programs.

Song Selection

Our song selections will vary and grow as the Together Choir progresses to include more and more original songs written by Cody Qualls.

Songs we already have:

  • Together,  and Back and Forth
  • More original songs from Cody Qualls will be added as these performances grow.

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What Is Together Choir?

Together Choir is the “dream child” of Cody Qualls to have regular, ongoing performances with his band The Brand New Ancients and have members of the community on stage with him — not just for one performance, but having ongoing opportunities for multiple performances, adding more and more original music to the overall repertoire as more performances are added! Cody has been stealthily building and molding this idea in the background for a few years now, and the time has come to make it a reality.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

To give a little background; 

  • The first leg of building this dream started in January 2019 with the introduction of Rock Choir Colorado. Multiple choirs spanning the area from Ft. Collins all the way to Colorado Springs were formed, focusing on less traditional “choir-style” music and leaning more towards modern pop, rock music while sprinkling in a little flavor of Cody’s own original songs arranged for choir harmonies. 
  • The second leg was in Vail, Colorado in March of 2019, where a group of FAM community members performed onstage with Cody as he gave a TEDx presentation, receiving a standing ovation. 
  • The third leg was Costa Rica in August of 2019. A small group of FAM community members traveled with Cody and his band Kindred to learn and perform songs at some beautiful beachside restaurants in tropical Costa Rica.
  • Plans were set in motion for 2020 as well, but as they say… “something came up.”
  • Fast forward to 2021, and the fourth leg of this progression was November 2021 when the newly named Together Choir debuted onstage for the EP holiday release performance with Cody Qualls and the Brand New Ancients.

Who is Cody Qualls and the Brand New Ancients?

A world-class mix of original rock, pop, hip hop and RnB, Cody Qualls & the Brand New Ancients emerged for the first time  on stage since pre-Covid times  at the renowned Oriental Theater for Cody’s first holiday EP release party in 2021!  Releasing a brand new holiday EP, this show featured never-before performed music, Colorado’s one and only “Together Choir” and the CQ-inspired movements of the FAMJam dance crew.  

A Note About Registration:

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions Policy within the registration form.  Thank you for supporting local Colorado businesses.